During times of crisis, families need a place to turn. When a loved one becomes disabled and can’t manage their own affairs, you may need the courts to gain authority to act for on their behalf. A court can grant guardianship authority when the disabled person has not made an advanced plan. There are many steps and potential pitfalls in managing a court-ordered guardianship. Our office has in-depth experience and can assist you with this process.

Advance estate planning is always a better course for many reasons. The cornerstone of estate planning is to plan in the event of death. A will can express the division of your assets, the administrator of your estate, the guardians for your minor children, and even burial arrangements. Equally important are “survivor” tools: the patient advocate designation and durable financial power of attorney in the event of a disabling condition. These documents pre-designate agents to act in your stead in the event of disability. The savings in time, expense and emotional toll are great. Advance planning is definitely key for smooth transitions through life’s travels.

We also represent administrators and executors of wills. Our philosophy on all probate matters is to guide and to best express a client’s written wishes.