About Carpenter & Capt

Compatibility and trust are two critical components of finding the right lawyer.  We believe in open communication, and strive to communicate in a straightforward but respectful way to our clients.  Our strengths start with our award -winning attorneys known for their vigilance and ground-breaking legal work.  The firm’s clients include or have included Major League Baseball players and teams, world-renowned performers, Judges, Diplomats, college professors, lawyers, doctors, and a multitude of satisfied people from nearly all stations in life for immigration, probate, real estate and other civil matters.

We have filed dozens of lawsuits against the government in the recent past to correct injustices and inaction in the immigration realm.   We have similarly filed civil actions and won significant verdicts in complicated civil cases.   We have argued Constitutional principals in front of the Federal Court of Appeals, one stop short of the U.S. Supreme Court.  We pride ourselves on rectifying the most difficult legal situations with tenacity and dignity.

We also make a commitment to pro bono work, dedicating large blocks of time towards representing those who would otherwise go unrepresented.

We staff offices in Chicago, Illinois and in Stevensville, Michigan, though we represent individuals and companies from all fifty states.  We welcome your inquiries by telephone or email, and hope to assist you in the future.

Chicago, Illinois Office – (312) 803-5110

Stevensville, Michigan Office – (269) 469-9557